Monday, October 6, 2008

My Favorite Things - New For Mondays

I'm going to start sharing with you a few of my favorite things each Monday. It's easier than trying to come up with something to write about after a long hard Monday back at work... So here we go...

My Favorite Things for the Week of Oct. 6.
#1 My Mantle decorated for Halloween. I particularly like my cute witch lady that is striking a pose. She is dressed in a cute little purple and orange striped dress. She reminds me of me a little bit! Kinda sassy and only slightly 'wicked.'

#2 The cool hats and purses that belonged to Nanny that I brought home from the estate sale. Not only will they make cool potential halloween costume props, but they are special and unique. Nanny was quiet the fashionista!

#3 My new brown flats. They hurt my feet the first day I worn them, but they are cute, nonetheless.

#4 DISNEY WORLD and my personal page. We are planning a trip to Disney World for Thanksgiving and I love going to the site and looking at our intinerary! I've made and ordered customized maps for our trip that includes all the attractions and shows we want to be sure to see and all the restaurants where we plan to eat. I made reservatoins today for dinner on Thanksgiving Day, lunch on Friday at the Magic Kingdom and lunch on Saturday at Hollywood Studios! I am enjoying all the pre-planning and I sure hope it helps us navigate the busy holiday crowds. Regardless, I'm having a blast just thinking about that trip! I can hardly wait!

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