Tuesday, October 7, 2008

As upbeat as I generally try to be...I just have to say, I'VE HAD A DEPRESSING DAY! First, I spent the morning listening to a scientist lecture on the climate changes and basically the human race facing apocolypic consequences. VERY DOOM AND GLOOM stuff with no sign of hope... I mean the list goes ON AND ON about how bad off the earth is, how bad we as a human race has messed up, and how bad the consequences will be that our children and grandchildren will inherit. UGGG...
Then we heard the Dean talk on and on about the budget, how bad it is, how bad it will be, how many layoffs will have to happen, how our raises are basically a complete improbability. Then we got the notice that our insurance was going up, health, car AND HOME... ALL OF IT!
Then to end the work day, I went and had my boobs mashed flat for my yearly mammogram - due in part to my mom having had breast cancer TWICE before the age of
60 and I walk around with a constant higher risk. (Please know I AM NOT blaming her or anyone else, its just the facts of life and one of the ones that SUCKS the MOST!)
Then I read about how many voters have signed up to vote this year and I'm pretty darn sure that 80% of them are probably democrats... in fact a huge number of them are PRISONERS! Great... real smooth move...
Then if that wasn't the worse part, I had to come home to THIS CRAP called a presidential debate!! I am getting a headache as we speak just watching these two try to avoid the questions! I just want to scream, LORD HELP US! HAVE MERCY ON US!!

But, in typical Juli fashion, I have to go to bed on a bright note... SO...

On the bright side, the boys are doing great, healthy and happy. Derek and I are doing great (better than ever!). I am pretty sure my job is one of the safe ones during this awful budget situation. We can pay our bills (even if we have to dip into our savings to do it.) And the bottom line is that God is STILL in control of EVERYTHING. And last but certainly NOT LEAST, because of Jesus Christ's love and forgiveness, I can go to bed knowing that if I die tonight, I'm ready for eternity! How is THAT for security?!

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